4 Ways to MakeYour Content Go Viral

Nov 10, 2012

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1. Offer Crazy Value

When you decide to create content for your readers, you have to think, “What can I offer that will make them come back?” This is ultimately what creates your brand’s ‘super fans.’

Bottom line: If you are going to be creating content, make sure it has awesome value thrown in. Don’t just focus on SEO. Focus on actual journalism.

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2. Timeliness

There is something that must be said about early adopters. If you can be one of the first people to catch a trend, then there are better chances that your content can go viral.

Take a look at this Google Trends. This is a sweet tool provided by Google. They basically give you all the data that they (one of the greatest databases on the planet) have on a variety of topics. Look for something “untapped,” and this will help you be an early adopter.

3. Leverage Infographics

Let’s be honest. We all enjoy a good infographic. Nobody likes to look at unorganized data, especially if it’s plain text.

Find something interesting that can be presented graphically. Remember that you need to be telling a story. You don’t have the capabilities to do an infographic? Not to be pitchy at all, but we do have a pretty sweet team that helps out with infographics!

4. Find The Movers & Shakers

Finding someone in the industry that has a lot of klout can really make a huge difference. Even if this was your only strategy for the promotion of your content, it could prove to be the best.

Focus on building relationships with these individuals. Offer something in return for their help.

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