5 Questions of a Website

Aug 5, 2008

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There are 5 questions that you need to ask yourself before building your website.

1) What is the objective of your website?

– Most companies have a website for the simple reason that everyone else has one including their competitors. The primary reasons companies need websites is because it makes them look bigger than they really are. The primary focus of your website should be to satisfy customer needs.

2) Who is your target audience?

– Identifying who and what kind of people will be visiting your site will play a big factor in the layout and words. For example if the site is geared toward a large demographic of engineers then it would be tailored completely opposite than if it was geared toward college students. However never create content that will be above the level of intelligence than your target demographic.

3) What does a visitor expect from your website?

– Depending on the target group of people there will be some differences, but primarily the user is looking for information, prices, ordering information, company information and more. If you have identified the niche group of individuals you are targeting then you will be able to meet your visitors expectations in content and design.

4) What do yo want the visitor to leave with?

– Once you have identified what your visitor expects from your site then it is important to determine what you want them to leave with. Are you looking to improve your brand image, improve the sales cycle system, or ensure you have answered all of their questions. Ask yourself what is it that you want your visitors to leave with and can you address those issues in your content and design.

5) Why should someone return to your website?

– Have you answered why a visitor should bookmark your site so they will come back. If you are not driving repeat customer traffic back to your site then all of your web efforts are in vain. You should ask yourself “Why should someone return to my site?. Are you providing relevant information, do you sell them on how your product makes their life easier. If you provide value they will return.

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