5 Tricks To Increasing Conversions On A Website

Jun 1, 2011

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To reap increased profits from your website, one of the most crucial things you need to manage is to track ways to increase conversions. In internet marketing terms, conversion is when visitors to your site execute whatever action you’re hoping for, such as signing up for your newsletter, communicating with you for a quote or buying your product.

Companies pay out hundreds, even thousands of dollars testing their email campaigns and website landing pages in an effort to enhance conversion. Even if you have paid top web designers to create an attractive website and have a healthy flow of traffic to that site, without an acceptable conversion rate all the money and time you’ve spent on your website will have been wasted.

The solution is simple; increase conversion and you increase sales and profits. Unfortunately, many business owners know little regarding how to turn their website visitors into customers. There are certain techniques and ways in which you can boost your site’s conversion rate by up to 40%. Finding out what your customers or target audience are doing inside your site can be a saving grace for your marketing efforts.

Here are 5 quick ways to improve your website’s conversion rates.

  1. Is your site fast enough? one thing that discourages visitors is if your site takes too long to download images , or loads a particular page. Make sure that the images that you use are lighter (suggestive would be to use PNG formats) and if you’re using dynamic pages, there are tons of tips and tricks on how to optimize them programmatically.
  2. Is it complicated? try a walk through on your own site and put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a second or target audience’s, find out if you’re having a hard time following links and buttons and gauge your total experience as a user.
  3. Does your title tabs or menu navigation makes sense? this is one of the most common mistakes small business website’s make, which is to confuse their visitors with navigation.
  4. Do you have contact information visible and in the right spot? Sometimes a visitor or your target audience wants to call you instead of browsing through your products, make sure they are in the right section of your pages and visible to your users. I suggest placing them on top like headers or leftside panels.
  5. Can your website be trusted? especially for e-commerce, if you are selling products online, make sure your visitors are comfortable giving out information or even browsing to your pages, one way of doing this is to show triple B logo (Better Business Bureau) or get coverage from Thawte Securities, or have SSL (secured sockets layer) on your web pages.

On the whole, it is imperative that we become knowledgeable of the global importance of raising the conversion rate of websites. If you can get more people to buy your product or sign up for your list then you’re doing nothing but extracting more from your current traffic. Yet in particular, you should understand that growing a site’s conversion rates isn’t an overnight process, it calls for you to put in reliable efforts so that you can see reliable results.

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