Attract the Right Social Media Followers

Jan 31, 2013

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Scott Christofferson

Be Social

Starting your journey in the world of social media can be an intimidating step. Facebook has over a billion members and Twitter has about half of that. The audience is there but creating a social media presence for your company means that you’re starting something new and building your presence will take time and work.

There are obviously shortcuts to getting followers but I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to get followers just to get followers – especially when they’re not relevant to your business.

Here are a few ideas of how you can attract the right kind of social media followers for your business.

A Tip or Two

Content Is King

Content, content, content. Have you ever heard that content is king? Well, it is. As you create content to share you should be thinking about what your ideal customer wants. As long as you’re communicating to them in a language that they understand, they will look to your business as a brand that understands who they are and a brand they can trust.

Roll With the Punches

Social media is constantly changing so it’s crucial that you remain on your toes. One key word or phrase will be relevant today but only heaven knows if it will be relevant tomorrow. Monitor social media as a whole and identify the trends and how they’re changing. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to stay ahead of your competition. Trends come and go but don’t let your company come and go with them.

Know Your Stuff

Knowledge is power. You need to know everything you possibly can about your customers. Most importantly, know what social media sites they’re using. You can always ask them, but having Google Analytics by your side is a more sophisticated way to know where your website traffic is coming from. As you identify the source of your traffic you’ll know where to focus your time and attention.

Be Ahead of the Game

Be on top of it. Be ahead of the game. Be on your toes. And whatever you do – BE on the social media sites you know your ideal customers are using.

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