Best Company Outings for the Summertime

Jun 7, 2014

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best company outings for the summer

Build Your Team With a Company Outing

In case you missed it, we’re right in the middle of summer and at the end of the second quarter. If you manage employees you know minds start to drift and people start daydreaming about pristine blue water, ocean breezes or the golf course greens. Our solution? Plan a company outing to refocus the team and re-energize your collaborative efforts.

Here are four low to mid-budget outing ideas that will be a great fit for your employees this summer and make you the coolest boss.

1) Day Out at The Lake

In the continental United States a majority of businesses are within 100 miles of water that is suitable for boating and other water activities. Rent a boat for the day for $600 and buy food for the outing. Boating makes for a great bonding experience while preserving your events budget. You can adapt the intensity of your boating activity to your employees. If you have younger employees, get a speed boat with water skis and water tubes. If you have an older workforce, get a pontoon boat and turn it into a fishing activity. Whatever you choose, the lake is prime to give you a superior team building experience.

2) Golf Tournament

Who doesn’t like golf? Throw in some golf carts with a catered lunch and your employees are sure to have a grand time. Most golf facilities offer group discounts if booked far enough ahead. Some workplaces also arrange special company discounts with golf venues. Purchase an 8-hole game for the group and let the team building magic happen. Golf is ideal for laid-back conversation and a slower pace, ideal for baby boomer or gen-x employees.

3) Picnic

Food activities are always a shoe-in. If you live in an area that has beautiful and mild weather in the summers (not Arizona) then a picnic is probably the least expensive option of all. Reserve a park pavilion locally and have your favorite caterer come out and serve lunch. Plan some fun activities around the picnic like minute-to-win-it games or family activities. Want to save even more money? Simply hold a barbecue and provide burgers and hot dogs. A picnic is also ideal to invite the families of your employees to come to the outing.

4) Ropes Course

This may be more or less available depending on where you live. A ropes course activity is always memorable and great for team building among employees. Ropes courses tend to have discounted group rates along with group reservations. Remember to consider the physical capabilities of your team. Are there individuals that will be left out? Do you have team members that are disabled and unable to participate? If the answer is yes, then this may not be the ideal work outing.

Regardless of what activity you choose, the purpose of a company outing is to reinvigorate employees and promote compatibility among team members. Carefully select an activity that promotes the growth of team members while also providing a fun time. What do you think? Did we leave anything out?

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