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Oct 28, 2013

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Jake Wixom

Three Personal Favorites

You probably wouldn’t think of Provo as one of those big “food” towns, loaded with quirky little restaurants and hole-in-the-wall diners that become world famous, would you? You may be surprised, however, at the fantastic variety and great quality of the food in our little Provo. As a university town, it has developed an impressive assortment of restaurants and diners that are as affordable as they are memorable. Here are just three that you simply have to try the next time you’re in town:

Slab Pizza: Located just south of BYU campus on 800 North and about 700 East, this small pizzeria has earned itself a pretty big reputation. Featuring dozens of very original pizza styles from Chicken Enchilada (my personal favorite) to Red Curry Pulled Pork, this place has some of the most creative pizzas imaginable. Orders are made by the “slab” (one fourth of a really big pizza) so everyone can pick their own, personal favorite.

Sammy’s: The phrase “Famous Pie Shakes” located above the entrance to this local favorite is not just there for effect. They are, quite literally, famous. Sammy’s has been featured on USA Today, the Travel Channel, ESPN 2 and more. The shakes are made with a slice of real pie, a little ice cream, and a whole lotta love. While most of the attention comes from the legendary pie shakes, I recently tried the fries and the Sammy’s Masterpiece hamburger and was definitely not disappointed. This diner may be small, but it is big on flavor and even bigger on personality.

El Gallo Giro: If you’re a fan of authentic mexican food, the burritos at this place should be at the top of your “To Eat” list. For six or seven bucks you can get enormous amounts of food, and, lest you fear a lack of quality for the sake of quantity, it is all top notch. One of my favorite features of this little gem is that it is conveniently located across the street from the Innovation Simple office in Provo. In the many times I have visited my friends at El Gallo Giro, I have never been let down. So if you go, be sure to invite me!

Give us a call and let’s grab a bite to eat in Provo, Utah!

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