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Jul 20, 2011

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If you run a high traffic WordPress installation you will want to optimize WordPress and have your server run as efficiently as possible. WordPress optimization may be needed if you are using shared WordPress hosting and too many plugins.

Why? Did you know the limit on media uploads totals 64 MB? This limit cannot be changed on a shared WordPress hosting account, therefore scripts (including plugins and WordPress itself) that require more resources (more hosting CPU) are more suited to WordPress VPS hosting.These limits are set by hosting providers to prevent high usage of their resources. Seems a bit strange because they are advertising unlimited storage, bandwith and domains on the one account! The solution apart from upgrading to VPS hosting for WordPress is to learn about the best WordPress optimization methods and apply them to your WordPress site.


What are the consequences if you don’t optimize your WordPress site?

  • Hosting providers will limit your media uploads of images.
  • Start to throttle your hosting account to prevent excessive CPU usage.
  • Encounter 500 Server errors which means your site will suffer downtime.

WordPress Optimization Methods Fix Slow Page Loading Times

Here’s a list of the best methods for optimizing WordPress, increasing page loading times and reducing the CPU consumption of the WordPress script.

  • Install a caching plugin for WordPress. W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress is recommended as the best caching plugin, however WP Super cache is also a good plugin for beginners as there’s no configuration settings.
  • Check your hosting cPanel logs to make sure there are no errors.
  • stats and statspress plugins can also use large amounts of CPU and should be disabled.
  • Any plugins that are not crucial to your site should be disabled and deleted.
  • Install and activate Google Analytics code to access page load speeds so you can identify any problems.

There are many other WordPress optimization methods which can be applied to optimize your WordPress site and reduce loads times and therefore CPU. Otherwise you run the risk of your website suffering downtime and losing subscribers.

It can be safely assumed that having optimized hosting is imperative. That’s why hosting solutions provided by Innovation Simple are built around the idea of deploying open source technology and products. Our technology is built to run systems such as Magento, WordPress, OSCommerce, Joomla, and other open source products. In addition, our hosting service is optimized to run script-heavy and database-intensive pieces of software such as Magento. Not only that, if you need help with these systems, our web design team is familiar with them and can help you if you get stuck on something.

In addition, our cloud hosting technology, backed by our optimized configurations and robust RAM allocation, ensures super fast web hosting at unmatched levels.

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