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May 28, 2014

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If you’ve seen the movie Inception and you didn’t like it you probably shouldn’t read this blog post because I’m about to make a blog post about blog posts. In this post I will go over some FAQ’s about businesses and the decision to have a blog.

Blogging FAQ’s

Why Does My Company Need a Blog?

Because communication builds relationships. When your business creates a blog you are not only creating a place for your customers to interact with you (in the comments), but you’re also putting your companies name in the back (and maybe even front) of their mind. Even if the customer doesn’t understand that’s what you’re doing, you are and there isn’t anything they can do to stop it. And that is beneficial because the next time that customer thinks about a situation regarding your companies services, you can bet your bottom dollar that your company will be in the forefront of their mind.

And as an added bonus, a blog will enhance your search engine optimization (SEO). This is how it works. Say you write a blog post about product development. The next time someone searches the words “product development” your blog post will come up in the search engine results. And the next thing you know you just found a new customer, or just a person that enjoys reading your blog. Both great achievements!

My Company Is Small, Do I Still Need a Blog?

YES! In fact it is safe to say that you need one even more than a larger company would. Communication with your customers is crucial for your company to stay afloat. And that’s what a blog will do. It will keep the door open between you and your customers.

In addition to being beneficial to your current customers, a blog can also be beneficial for getting new customers. If a prospective customer is checking out your website and comes along your blog it gives them an opportunity to get a better personal feel for your company. Which doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but it could be the difference between a prospective client and an actual client.

What Should I Write About?

Have fun with your blog! A blog doesn’t always have to be about an exact product or service that your company offers. To be honest, readers would get bored with a blog that doesn’t have much depth. It’s ok to stray from your company a little bit to talk about things that will interest your customers. And you will get more readers, and consequently website traffic, if you have a blog that really provides a benefit to your customer and their needs.

These are just a few topics about the importance of blogs and how to use them. If you would like to learn more about blogs and how your company could benefit from one, you can visit our site at Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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