Business Social Media (for Beginners)

Aug 28, 2013

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If you haven’t had much experience, the world of social media can look pretty daunting at first glance. With tags, hashtags, retweets, likes, timelines, etc. you may feel as though you’re learning a foreign language—and in many ways that’s true. But your introduction to social media doesn’t need to be as much a culture shock as it can be a simple, free key to your online marketing success! Here are three tips to get you started on your first steps into social media:

1. Consistency: Half the secret to social media success lies in your consistency. Social media is updating every single second! Every time someone pushes the refresh button on their browser they are looking at a new post, a new tweet, a new product, etc. If you want people to give half a minute’s thought to what you’re advertising, you need to show up consistently in their news feed! Set up a schedule for how often you’re going to post and then follow it!

2. Relevancy: Find out what your customers care about and then cater to it. If your customers aren’t going to read long, science-based articles proving that your product is the best don’t post them! Although that article may be important to the integrity of your product, if it doesn’t appeal to the customers you’re trying to reach then don’t post it (not on Facebook anyhow). Use your Facebook page to post short, relevant information about whatever you want them to be interested in! (But put your customer first!)

3. Reach out: Find ways to reach out to your customers who haven’t found you yet. Don’t wait around for people to find you. You can pay to promote your post, connect with relevant Facebook pages, or tag popular companies in your posts. All of these ideas will help you to reach out to your customers!

Start learning the tricks of social media now! If a thirteen year old can use it, so can you!

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