Capturing the Moment of Marketing Magic

Apr 8, 2013

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By: Mike Green
Child with Dentist

Marketing Magic

As a SEO and Social Media company, we have a great time marketing our client’s business to both potential and existing customers. We get to discover all the little nuances that make a business unique. Discovering those small shades of uniqueness and honing them into a marketing message is something we’re excellent at doing. However, with all our marketing expertise, we are handicapped in one crucial area: Capturing the Moment of Marketing Magic.

What is the Moment of Marketing Magic?

One of our clients, a Pediatric Dentist in Ogden Utah, asked me that same question. “What is the moment of marketing magic?”. I had just finished reading a story on their blog about a little 5 year old boy who was at the office getting a particularly unpleasant dental procedure done. Due to the type of dental work, the little boy was under some sedation while the work was being performed. When it was finished and the boy was rousing from his pleasant nap, he promptly told the nurses and doctor that he had figured out what had happend to all the dinosaurs. “Jesus took them to outer space!” he exclaimed. The room was filled with smiles in the tender inquisitive mind and heart of a little boy. That is the moment of magic. Any person who is lucky enough to be a parent knows the anxiety of bringing your child to a doctor of any kind. To know that a otherwise painful experience was done with care and precision by the able caring hands of these good doctors and nurses, no doubt invokes confidence in choosing that same clinic the next time dental work is needed.

Marketing is Emotional

We as humans are emotional beings. We make almost every decision based on a phycological emotional response. Driven by want, fear, or pleasure, we open our pocket books for products and experiences that strike an emotional cord inside of us. Part of building a marketing message around that principle is understanding what emotions your target audience is feeling. What motivates them? What do they fear? If you understand that of your customers, you understand how to market to them. The moment of magic that happens in your business is why your customers buy from you. Certainly the first time, but even more so when they buy from you again and again.

How to Capture

One of the hardest parts of capturing the moment is recognizing when a moment happens. So often “we can’t see the forest through the trees”. What seems routine for us is truly amazing for outsiders. Have you ever pried a story out of a police officer, or ER doctor? We sit in awe of the things they see and do on a daily basis. That is the same way we must view our businesses. What happens within the walls of your establishment that makes your business unique? The way your product is put together? The customer experience? Your internal culture? Once you verbally recognize what your magic moments are, then you need to capture them. Here’s a few ways:

Smart Phone: Pull out that custom magic moment capturing device you have in your pocket. A quick photo or video, uploaded to your website or social media channels will have an incredibly long shelf life on the internet.

Blog: Much like the Dentist office did, a quick blog about a funny or unique experience your office had with a customer or vice versa can invoke an incredible emotional response to your client base. If you don’t know how to blog (or don’t have one) give us a call at our office and we’ll help you figure it out. Blogging is one of the most powerful yet overlooked tools in a marketers quiver.

Testimonials: I am amazed by how many of our new clients have a filing cabinet drawer filled with thank you cards. They are not going to do you any good sitting in a dark drawer. If your customer thought enough of you, your business, or the experience they had to write you a note, they experienced a moment of magic! Likely if they experienced it, many others like them either experience it or would like to have an experience similar. You can use thank you letters (permission may be required) in many ways. Blogs, testimonial pages on your website, social media, etc.

Social Media: Social media is the new PR. Like it or not, social media is how the masses experience life. They buy from recommendations, they recommend, they seek advice, and most importantly have an emotional experience and connection to those they follow. If you are not effectively using social media, you need to call us at our Provo office and let us show you how.

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