Choose Evergreen Products

Aug 7, 2008

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When looking for products to sell online make sure to choose Evergreen products. This means you should choose products that can be sold all year long. Check out the seasonal trends of when people are buying a particular product. You can do this by using Google’s keyword tool and going to trends. This will show you the months and how much search volume there was for each month.

There are a lot of products that are very seasonal. For example snow equipment and clothing is during the winter monts. Sunscreen is in the summer months. When picking out what products to sell you want to make sure that they can be sold all year long. This will increase profits as you are able to sell that product despite the time of year. These are called evergreen products.

If you do have seasonal products then it would be very wise to make sure you have various products to go with every season. Your primary product would be best to be evergreen and your supporting products could still be evergreen. For example if you sell Halloween costumes and Christmas costumes then you are a seasonal shop. If you sell uniforms that people use for their work then that would make your company more evergreen instead of just seasonal.

This will help to increase your customer target base, plus allow you to have something to sell in between your offseason of seasonal products.

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