Choosing Fonts

Jun 11, 2014

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Setting a Typeface

Choosing the right font is possibly the most underappreciated art form involved in web design. We often underestimate the effect that fonts can have on the message that the words convey. When choosing a font for your website, keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Figure out the mood. Different fonts have different levels of “seriousness” associated with them. Some are fun and some are solemn. A few look “high-tech” while others are more victorian. What best fits your message?

2. What’s it for? Don’t use some crazy, hard to read font for a large body of text. Just don’t do it. As cool as that font might look, your reader will have a headache by the second line. Limit yourself to the basics when it comes to body fonts. If it’s a title font your choosing, knock yourself out.

3. Use contrast. When using a combination of fonts (again, speaking of big fonts, not the paragraphs), create contrast by mixing different styles. A bold font might look nice next to a light, serif font. A script font, on the other hand, would not go so well with a swirly, decorative font.

Take these tips and many more that can be found online and go find the font combinations that make your web page stand out!

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