Christmas Tech Wishlist

Dec 11, 2013

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If the claims are true Santa can get you pretty much anything in the world for Christmas. He has a workshop and some elves that can recreate any product without worrying about copyrights and patents. How they manage, I’m not sure. I do know this though, Santa doesn’t always follow through with his promises. Perhaps I fall on the naughty list every year but I rarely get what I ask him for in my letters. For this reason I have started a new tradition. I buy myself a Christmas gift every year. I splurge and get that new tech toy I’ve been dreaming about for months.
The running for my self-gift this year is tough. There are a lot of cool products on the market I want. Here are a few:

Nikon D5300 $788.00 – the camera of my dreams. I have been drooling over this bad-boy since I found it last week. It is the general-purpose dSLR. This camera would bring the quality of my photography to a new level. A level that is still far below the average persons, but I’ll take what help I can get.

Audioengine A2+ speakers $249.00 – These speakers provide the perfect sound quality and volume to rock out at your computer. We all want amazing speakers. I don’t need them but I think I would really enjoy having them.

Asus VivoBook X202E $463.40 – This is a touch screen windows computer for under $500. That doesn’t happen very often. I’ll be the first to admit that you trade off a few things for this computer. The battery life isn’t as good as some non-touch screen models. But it’s a touch screen and it works very well. Cool.

WD My Cloud $209.00 – I have a lot of information to share. I have photos and videos I want to share with my friends and family. This gadget would help me do it. It’s not every day you stumble upon a good personal cloud for this price.

Google Chromecast $35.00 – Imagine being able to stream your Netflix account to your TV. That is one of many perks of the Chromecast. It does what competitors do for at least half the price.

Platonics Backbeat Go 2 $65.31 – I hate having headphone cables dangle to my pocket in the winter. It’s cold. I really wish I had bluetooth headphones. Well here it is at an affordable price.

Pebble Watch $149.99 – This watch connects to your smartphone and allows you to read texts and emails on your watch. No more pulling your phone out of your bag. And it’s waterproof to boot.

Whatever you get yourself this year remember that it’s the holiday season. Splurge a little. You can always resolve to do better next year.

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