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Oct 1, 2008

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When someone visits a website their eyes have to travel around the screen to find and access the data that is on the screen. The more the eyes move around trying to find things the more tired they get. Your eyes have muscles that move the eye around and the more the muscles have to move the more tired they get just like any other muscle in the human body.

So the design of a website is critical in how you display information. There are some crucial things you can do to decrease the amount of time it takes for an individual to find information and more importantly the information that you want them to find.

Titles and headlines are a must in drawing attention. Titles are normally at the top of a page and have bigger font. A clear concise title that draws attention and that picques curiosity is the best.

Indented information underneath the title that supports the what the title is talking about is a perfect way to show contrast in the way it is laid out. The biggest thing in drawing the eye is contrast. The human eye is phenomenal in picking out contrast.

This is why on search engine results pages the indented results get clicked on twice as much as the one above it because it has contrasts and sticks out.

Having chunked information that is on topic also will draw the eye as the eye will focus on a small area in great detail. Having content in box like form is perfect as the eye can focus on those boxes. Far to many people who are new to writing content for the web write long sentences and paragraphs that join together.

No matter how good the information is the eye will just see a bunch of stuff together and will not want to decipher the information.

So in designing websites make sure your layout is easy with chunked information and easy colors. Use contrast to draw the eye like change in font size, color, and placement. The less the eye has to travel to find good data the more it will stay on the page.

Make your website dumb friendly to the eye so it does not have to decipher a code. Your website should not be a puzzle that the eye has to think about where to go or what something is.

Las Vegas Web Design is a good example of having chunked information that is easy to follow and allows for the eye to find information very fast.

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