Be Descriptive In Your Location

Aug 6, 2008

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Local search is huge as more people look for things by geographic location. Having a more detailed page about where you are located will help customers find you an identify exactly where you are. A lot of people copy and scan a Yahoo map of where they are with an “X” as if a customer would know exactly how that small little map could help them find your company.

On your about us page be more descriptive on giving directions to where you are. If you give detailed directions from different ways people could be coming to your company it would help. Have you ever tried to talk to someone on the phone and try to give them directions. You have to ask them where they are coming from and walk them through. The same is true when giving directions to your company on your website.

Use landmarks to help describe where you are as well as using geographic locators like area and zip codes in titles and anchor text. The easier you can make it for someone to go right to your site and find you without having to think, the more people will like your site and want to personally come visit your company.

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