Design Work At Innovation Simple

May 2, 2014

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Design Work At Innovation Simple

Providing website, logo, print, and video production, our services are varied and effective

At Innovation Simple we work by a motto of “marketing managed.” This motto is what drives all of the different services we provide, and it is our goal to help your company have the best marketing experience available. However, some of the other services that our company offers are lost if you glaze over the details.

Because of of this, I wanted to focus on Innovation Simple’s design work. At Innovation Simple we are incredibly involved in design work, something that you may not know from a quick glance at our website. Having designed over 100 websites, 20 logos, and print design, not to mention video production to go along with that. With all of these varied experiences it is no doubt that our designers are very experienced in the work that they do.

Website Design

With a website design focus on real estate, e-commerce, and using WordPress, and conversion optimization to create a site that is designed for you, our website design is top notch. View some of our best websites including: EXPLORE Africa, St. George Utah Chamber, and Visionary Homes. These are just a few websites that show the variety, quality and effective website that we can make for your company. As we’re always willing to work with you to create the best website, you won’t have to worry about making something that you don’t think will help your strategy.

Logo Design

We understand that having a brand identity is incredibly important for a business to be successful. Check here, to view our up-to-date logo design portfolio. In our portfolio you will see that we are not scared of pushing your design to make it the most effective it can be.

Print Media Design

Focused on making business materials for your business, including business cards, booklets, flyers and more; we not only have the ability to design them, but we also can print them commercially for you as well. This will save you money and time. Take your business to another level of validity by getting business cards, or printing brochures for interested clients!

Video Production

We also have a deep video production portfolio. For customers, we can make either a business profile, or a video testimonial. These videos can shape your business image as they can be used on websites to introduce your business, or as commercials on the web or TV.

As you can see, at Innovation Simple we truly are a marketing managed company. Here’s our highlight on the design work that we do. If you’re interested feel free to give us a call!

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