Don't Make Me Think

Nov 3, 2008

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One of the most frustrating things I hate about browsing the internet and going on people’s websites is the fact that I can’t find information and I have to think about what they are trying to offer or say. This is where effective site navigation and more simply put, directions for a monkey. The average internet user reads on a 3rd to 6th grade level and do not want to have to uncover, dig, or do massive research to find things. People do not go onto the internet to go on a massive mission to try and uncover secret information, they go on the internet to find information in the simplest and easiest way possible. To make your mission easier as a website owner you have to make the way people can find information on your website the easiest way possible. The overall goal as an internet business owner is to:
  • get people to your website
  • help them find very good valuable information
  • help them to want to come back
So the best way to do this is as you are running your internet business you should ask yourself this question: Am I making my visitors have to think hard to be on my website? As an internet user myself I hate being on websites where I have to think about what I am doing. Browsing a website should be as easy as walking or chewing gum. I know not everyone can walk and chew gum at the same time and that is just a fact of life. But the majority of people can and so when they are on a website they want it to be just another thing that they do on a consistent basis. The better you can guide people and help them find things then the higher success you will recieve. Think about Google, they are the foremost successful company in helping people find information on anything. Google’s mission says it all, they want to build the best search engine in the world and organize the world’s content and information so people can find it. As you look at the advances of Google you can see how they have made this possible. Although Google has some of the most powerful technology in the world they make it very easy to find information. Anyone can use Google because it is so simple to use. This is how every website should work. Awesome technology and services that is easy to use for everyone. So as an internet user I beg you when you build your website:

Don’t Make Me Think

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