Dumb-Friendly Websites

Aug 18, 2008

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When designing and building websites it is extremely important to make the website usable. This means that the website is easy to navigate for internet users who can easily find information in a fast and speedy manner.

The best way to start to make a site with easier usability is in the navigation tabs. Navigation and organization is very important to search engines as well. They like good content organization with pages and sub-pages that have their own categories. Having a good structure is having main categories and then having sub-categories underneath the main categories.

This type of layout will help a user know and guide them through what categories they want to look at. Using simple easy words will ease the use as a visitor will not have to think what the words and sections mean. Do not ever use jargon that is related to your specific industry. Visitors to your website will not know what you are talking about so it is vital to put it in laman’s terms.

Have you ever been to a doctor and they use terms that you have no idea what they are saying and you are like, can you put that so I would understand? The same goes for people who are browsing your website. They do not have the knowledge to understand your industry like you do. So never use complicated text. It may look like you know what you are talking about, but if you overdo it then you will lose your visitors and readers.

I always say that we want to make a site dumb-friendly or stupid-friendly. What does that mean, it means that we want to make the site so easy to use that anyone on the site does not have to think about where to go or what to do. If your site is dumb-friendly then you will have higher results.

In the SEO area it will help to decrease bounce rates as internet users will stay on the site longer instead of getting frustrated and leaving.

Overall it comes down to the visitor’s experience. The difference between a well designed website and one that is not is the that a well designed website makes the visitors experience as pleasant as possible.

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