Earning Respect in Social Media

Dec 7, 2011

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How to Earn Respect in the World of Social Media

In Social Media, communities take the form of social networks and the communal groups within them. Through those networks, people establish associations, friendships, and allegiances around content, objects, products, services, and ideas. How they communicate is simply subject to the tools and networks that people adopt based on the influence of their social graph and the culture within.

Business gains benefits when social networking involves grouping specific individuals or organizations together. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and hosts of niche-specific sites are tremendous assets in marketing your website. People build relationship connections and/or nurture those relationships via social media websites. Conversations go back and forth, links are shared, and recommendations are made.

Look to serve others, help them, and build a foundation that earns respect. When information leading back to your site is shared, more influence from your efforts is felt through increased traffic. Establishing yourself as an authority is simple and direct on social networks. However, gaining that authority demands the ability to earn respect. Here are some ways to earn respect in social media.

  • You can earn respect on social media sites by offering quality, accessible information in a friendly way. Share relevant links, commentary, and helpful advice.
  • Don’t try to sell something in every post you make. Make posts that let your audience get a sense of who you are, what interests you, etc.
  • Share good content, even if it doesn’t directly benefit you. Examples include links to articles, interesting videos, and inspirational quotes.
  • Give something useful away like an ebook or a free report. Create posts that encourage interaction with your clients.
  • Post relevant comments on your clients’ walls and don’t SPAM. Sharing information with your clients is great, but be considerate of their space. Posting your links without their permission is disrespectful. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if someone posted their offers all over your site without your permission?
  • For gaining respect, listening is very important. If you’re too busy talking about yourself and how your company knows everything about the products you produce, you’ll never hear what the audience is saying. You simply won’t understand what they really need from you.

In a social world, engagement is a privilege while friendship, trust, and loyalty are the rewards. If these privileges and rewards are rightfully availed, then we earn the relationships, reputation, and respect we deserve in social media.


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