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When designing and marketing a website the overall goal is to have the thought in mind that you want visitors to the website to love all of the information you are providing them. To do this you must engage your visitors and make them feel like they are welcomed at your website.

I see this all the time when I go to a website and I get thinking, does this site engage me and make me want to continue to browse through the tabs. Every visitor is always thinking, is this a site that I want to be on? Is there any cool information? Is there anything here that entertains me?

As a website owner you must continually be thinking about how your website engages people. It is no different than a brick and mortar store that invites people into its doors. They have to continually move stuff around to attract customers the way they want to.

The same goes for a website, you must show visitors what you want to show visitors. Help them feel like they are welcomed and that they are in the right place for finding exactly what they need for whatever you are offering.

In search engine optimization the ultimate goal is to look as the dominant authority in whatever field you are targeting and this is done by keywords that people type into the search engines. There are only 10 spots on the first page of any search engine so that does not make a lot of room for those who want to be at the top.

A crucial factor in having a website listed is when people click on the listing and get to the site do they want to stay on the site or leave. This is what I mean by engaging the visitor to the site.

As soon as a visitor enters the site do they feel welcomed or is it one of those stores that you walk in and right back out of. As an internet business owner you must continually be thinking about how you are welcoming your visitors and portraying your message.

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  1. JT on 14 Nov 2008 at 1:05 pm

    This is really good. Having a website that makes people feel welcomed is always a site I like to visit and return often. Most importantly the website should help a user find things quickly.

  2. Oxford MS Web Designs on 18 Nov 2008 at 2:20 am

    Thats very help your design has to keep the users attention or they are gone.

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