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Feb 9, 2009

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When doing business online one of the most important tools that is coming of more importance is eyetracking tools. Eyetracking is where you track and analyze how individuals move their eyes around your website. This is becoming even more important as the focus on the web is to increase conversions.

The power of eyetracking tools is that it gives you an insight into more than the statistical data that webmasters and website owners can get through Google Analytics or any other tracking tools. This eyetracking tool movement is where they can tell you exactly how an individual interacts with your website using heat maps.

They can also use eyetracking tools to see what is really important to SEO’s which is how people interact with search results. It is beause of this technology that they have been able to come up with what is known as the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is a triangle shape of where people move their eyes the most on a search engine results page. Starting at the left top and going to the right side of the page where the PPC links are just at the top and making a diagonal line down to where the #6 or #7 listing starts thus making a triangle. 

The results also show a heavy amount of activity among the top 3 listings which would comply with other statistics saying that the top 3 organic listings receive about 70% of the clicks. It is this type of information that can help a SEO in knowing this data and also selling it to clients as well telling them the importance of organic SEO over PPC.

Can you imagine having this type of data on your own website and knowing exactly where people are looking on your site. This would help you improve where you place things and also know how you want to move things if they are not going where you want them to.

I have found a company that has been providing eyetracking information for a while called Eyetools. Eyetools has been in business since 2000 with them starting eyetracking research in 1995. They have worked with many well known companies including the #2 search engine Yahoo as well as Sprint, Microsoft, and Xerox just to name a few.

Remember that when doing business online it is the Eyes That Buy and having this type of technology availabe is very important to increase online sales and converisons. One of the downfalls of using eyetracking tools is it is not for ma and pa type of websites because it can be fairly costly. Those who offer this type of service can charge a lot of money because of the overall value of the information and data that it produces.

If you are looking at doing some type of tweaks and changes to your website you might want to look into using some type of eyetracking tool.

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