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Oct 16, 2008

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Forums are an excellent place to increase your company’s branding. There are several types of forums on many different topics. The best way to go after forums is to look at forums that are highly targeted. To do this you can type in your keywords forums in the search engines to find forums that are related to your subject.

So if you are going after 4×4 trucks as your keyword then you will type 4×4 trucks forums. This will pull back forums that have to do with 4×4 trucks. Make sure you join forums that are presently going and are of high quality.

To do this you can check the latest post and also look at their Alexa ranking. If you see that the forum has gone down in traffic then that is not a good sign.

You can join 3 good forums in your niche and become an authority fairly fast. This will increase the branding of your company.

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