Get Inside Google's Search Office

Aug 11, 2011

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It is widely noted that many people have said they wish they could learn more about Google and how they exactly work. Google has been transparent in many aspects and now they have made a video showcasing Matt Cutts, Ben Gomes and Amit Singhal. They were invited to an event hosted by Churchill Club which was moderated by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land. The three of them have been working at Google in the same office for over 10 years and now they are taking their office talk to the stage. Take a look:
Google posted some helps with certain elements of the video:
  • To hear more about the principles that drive changes to the algorithm and how these changes are tested and implemented, go to 15:40
  • To hear the discussion on why we don’t hand-pick results, start watching at 41:04
  • For more on my vision for the future of search, jump to 1:12:28

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