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Aug 6, 2008

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Putting your website in different areas online will help people find your company easier. One of the best places to list your website is in city directories.

Every city has websites and directories that have local information about what is in the city. Local Chamber of Commerce sites as well as other sites that have now been built to help facilitate the online needs of cities. The local sector is a big market and definitely where businesses should place themselves in order to get in front of the eyes.

Type in your city and directory into the search engines and that will give you a start. Also remember that searchers are being more specific when they are looking for things. For example they will look for “hotels around the Grand Canyon”,”Bronx pizza restaurant”, so when you are trying to get listed just list yourself under city keywords and geographic keywords.

Look at the media websites in that city and you might be able to get listed in there as well as be able to find other sites that you can get listed under.

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