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Jan 24, 2013

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Scott Christofferson

Be Careful of Too Much Hype

After weeks, months or even years of developing a new product or service it’s only natural for a company and its employees to be excited about the product launch – because with time and dedication it has become their baby, their pride and joy.

And of course they want the public, their clients, their clients’ clients, their partners and everyone else under the sun to share their excitement, right? Right. But shoving words of excitement down the public’s throat won’t work. The deliverable has to live up to all the talk.

Using certain words will only annoy readers. Leave these words out of your next press release – everyone will be glad you did.

Words to Avoid


A revolutionary product will change processes, lifestyles and an industry forever. It’s not just adding to something – it’s creating change and creating something new. Unless it’s truly revolutionary, don’t say it is.


It’s likely that you believe your product is the “best” in the market but this word can be misleading. Unless you have a reputable endorsement or an award that recognizes you as the number one player in your company’s competitive landscape, don’t tell people that it’s the best.


“Great,” what does it really mean? This word is passive and based on opinion alone, not facts. The public doesn’t care how great you think your product is. They want to know how it will solve a problem or make their life easier.

Always Keep Your Message Simple

Keep your message simple. Writing is something that is learned over time but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Speak in a clear language that everyone can understand and get to the point sooner than later – everyone will be glad you did.

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