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Mar 27, 2013

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Seeing is Believing

In the midst of a super competitive marketplace, you have to have a CLEAR USP so that your target audience KNOWS exactly why and how you are different and how that unique contribution that you provide, will make a difference in THEIR life or business. The most effective way to communicate that USP is to –


What to Convert to Visual

  • Your USP – If there is a way to communicate your uniqueness or full USP or even each point of your USP in visual format, take a strong look at taking it that direction. Walk through the bullet points of your USP and ask yourself whether these elements could be product-ized, logo-ized, or visual-ized. The human eye is programmed to assimilate MORE information into the brain than the human ear.
  • Your Model – If there is a way to communicate your model or approach to the way you do business in visual format, make that move! If you do not have a model that is worth converting into visual format, take a look at your process, product or approach and ask yourself “what about this is unique, proprietary, or valuable?” and you will hopefully be inspired to create something that can be communicated to your target audience with extreme adoption and fidelity. You want to communicate the model is such as way, that the people that learn about it, never forget it and they cannot reconcile in their minds the idea of using any other model for that particular function.
  • Your Philosophy – Much like the approach to your model, you can nearly copy and paste the same methodology into your philosophy or values. Compelling visuals related to this piece, can breed trust and likability with your target audiences and inspire them to seek and assimilate more information.

Why Does This Work?

In all of my years working with clients and partners in nearly every industry as well as doing sales and customer service in nearly every industry, I have learned that a visual model almost always kills it! Here is WHY a visual model kills it:

  • Human Biology – The human eye is programmed to assimilate MORE information into the brain than the human ear. A flashy design gets attention, has pattern interrupt value and snaps people’s reticular activator into AWAKE mode. A simple but well constructed model makes it easy for the human body to learn, feel and trust the information.
  • Most People Are Visual Learners – Everyone usually has their BEST way of learning. Visual learners are the predominate learning type. This type of person, when listening to lots of content, gets inundated quickly, and starts to turn OFF their attention. Compelling visual content causes these people to engage longer and with more effectiveness as assimilating the information.
  • You Are Here to Stay – This shows that you aren’t in this business to just make a few bucks and take on a few clients – it proves you are here to stay and you are here to play. It gives the prospect the feeling that you will be around a while knowing you have built a model and you intent to live by it.
  • You are a Though Leader – This piece has the ability to create almost instant thought leadership perveption and status. Like the reason stated above, this process proves to prosects and the industry that you are to be reconned with and you are one of the players in this space and they should include you on all the list, events, awards and opportunities that come up in the future.

Our Unique Model

marketingmanagedgraphicmed Guiding Constant: Marketing Model

Welcome to… marketing managed

Marketing managed™ – vastly superior in concept and execution, yet simple in practice is the latest innovation in marketing for small business.

This innovative approach, focused on metrics, reporting, and communication, is the most complete yet cohesive formula for achieving ROI.

Using this system as a means for evaluating your current marketing as well as construction a plan for the future will greatly enhance your marketing success and results.

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