Google+, A Beginners Guide

May 29, 2013

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Jonathan Rose

What is Google+

Google+ is one of the newest ventures in today’s world of social networking. Developed and created by Google, Google+ is an all-inclusive social networking site that easily connects all types of content on one platform. Google+ combines many of the features you see on Facebook with new ideas of how and with whom you share.

Features of Google+:


On a Google+ account you create circles or groups of people you know. Circles such as family, friends, or acquaintances easily help you differentiate between people you know. Circles allow you to share content with only the people in 1, 2 or however many circles you’d like to share with. With this feature you can separate the types of uses you get out of Google+. For example, you may be sharing lots of pictures of your children as they learn and grow, but you don’t feel that your boss, or company is interested in your family daily updates. Instead of sharing family photos with all your contacts, you can select your circle of close family and girlfriends, but leave the circle of business associates out.


Google+ allows you to video chat with multiple people in a single conversation that Google refers to as ‘hangouts.’ These hangouts include a variety of options for communicating with friends. Chat with pictures, video conferencing, or just keeping up with friends over the web. Hangouts with Google+ work on computers, and on Android or Apple devices so you can stay connected with everyone.

How Do I Get Google+

Creating a Google+ account is easy, especially if you already have a Google or Gmail account. To create a Google+ account you will first want to set up a Gmail account. Then, from your Gmail account you’ll upgrade and create a Google+ account. It’s very simple and will take the information straight from Gmail. Enter a few details as instructed by the Google+ program and the tutorials will take it from there.

Google+ is a growing market and outlet for Internet users today. Google+ is especially useful because it is a Google product and is therefore very compatible with all fronts of Google’s technology. Google has made Google+ a product that is continually growing and improving. This process or project is something they will continue to grow as it reaches out to connect more and more with the rapid pace of technology. If you haven’t already, you should try Google+ soon.

What’s your favorite part of Google+?

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