Google Apps Launches Delegated Administration

May 23, 2011

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For larger corporations, universities, governments and any other large group that uses Google Apps there can be many who are in need of administrator privileges. However not all who need administrator privileges need the same amount of privilege as others.

The Google Apps team has recognized this issue and has recently launched “delegated administration” so that super administrators can control who and how much control certain people have within the organization.

google apps delegated administration

With this feature you can control what tabs in the control panel that individuals have access to. “I like the fact that I can create additional administrator accounts and grant them access to certain administrative functions without having to make them full-fledged administrators. Our organization is growing quite large and, as that happens, we want to grant more folks access to specific tabs in the control panel, so this is very useful” said Lukas Karlsson of the Broad Institute.

To enable delegated administration simply go the organization and users tab in the Google Apps control panel and select the user you wish to change. Click on the “Privileges” tab and from there you will be able to select what individual privileges that user may have.

This will be a great feature for IT departments who have various technicians who are in control over certain things.

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