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Mar 19, 2009

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When it comes to search engines Google is the King of the World in many aspects. Google owns over 70% of the search market share and has the most sophisticated algorithm of all of the search engines. I have found a new blog called that covers a lot of information and articles about Google.

Google Inside is written by Jonathon Dingman who does a lot of studying on Google. On this blog I have found some very interesting articles and news that I have found very interesting. Google is such a big company with many different departments and projects that it is sometimes tough to stay up to date with all that they are doing.

You can subscribe to the blog to continue to receive updates on Google through your email or through RSS. There are a ton of articles to search through as well as you can see the top popular articles so you can see what everyone else is looking at.

You can search through the archives to see what was written in what months and days. The archive is a good thing to look at as it gives you a quick glimpse into what has been going on with Google at that particular time.

Now I would not discredit Google’s Official Blog but I would recommend that if you want to continue to learn more about Google that you also look at

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