Google Looks At Social Data For Ranking

Dec 29, 2010

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Google’s Matt Cutts has confirmed recently that Google is now looking at Twitter and Facebook links and profile reputation as ranking signals mostly for realtime search but also now for web search results. In May of 2010 Matt Cutts said that Google did not look at Twitter or Facebook links as signals for rankings which they did not at that time. Now in December Google’s Matt Cutts has made a video on the Webmaster YouTube Channel where he is saying that they do.

This goes to show that Google is continually looking at improving how they can determine a websites and individual pages overall online reputation. With the social aspect of the web increasing more and more companies are moving to the social space and is a great place to follow that company’s reputation.

While Google mostly looks at links from Facebook and Twitter mostly for their realtime search they are starting to use those factors in their web search rankings. Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land wrote an article about how Google and Bing both are treating the links from these two websites called “What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count?“. Google’s Matt Cutts has confirmed that this article is correct in stating how Google is viewing links from Facebook and Twitter especially.

Twitter does use a nofollow on their links that point away from their website, however what is really important to both Google and Bing at least for Twitter is that your authority on Twitter does make a difference. Authoritative people on Twitter will lend their authority to those they tweet about. Both Google and Bing do however receive what is called the Firehose from Twitter which is the constant stream of information that people are tweeting and in that area there is no nofollow attribute and so both of the search engines can access some link authority from those.

While Google and Bing do differ in the way the collect and analyze data from these two websites it is for sure that they are both making moves to better understand the reputation and credibility of a company and a person by using these social websites as indicators.

In conclusion it is starting to be more apparent that company’s and individuals improve their Facebook and Twitter authority as the search engines are moving into the Social World to better understand credibility and authority on the web in their rankings.

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