Google Ranking Factors

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Google is the number 1 search engine in the world with almost 80% of the search market share. Google has 200 different factors that they look into when figuring out how they want to rank a website in their search engine results.

While there is no one who can guarantee exactly what Google is looking at because in their algorithm it is done through several different departments and individuals. In other words there is not just one department with one person as the head who calls all of the shots.

With that being said Google does not actively come out and say exactly what they are looking for besides what you can see in Google Webmaster Tools which states to build a good clean website with great structure.

There are many new things that are being incorporated and implemented in the algorithm. The only sure thing to know about the Google algorithm is that it is constantly changing.

Even though there are constant changes that are taking place there are some common foundations that the algorithm is built on and that is providing quality information that users and search engines like. To put it simple English, Google does not liked to be tricked and the engineers are continually improving the alogorithm to detect if they are being tricked.

My advice to all webmasters and website owners is this: Google has highly skilled and paid engineers who work non-stop detecting bad practices and if you are even in the slight consciously trying to trick them then you will only get away with it so long until they catch you.

So be very careful when people tell you that they have cracked the Google code and know how to work the system. There are some that say that they know everything Google is looking for and that they can guarantee high rankings. People who talk like this are mostly frauds who want to take your money.

Remember that not even a Googler, someone who works for Google, can guarantee you high rankings because there is more than one person and department that make up the algorithm.

Here is a series of things that several webmasters and SEO’s have stated in webmaster forums and around in what Google is actually looking for.

Google Ranking Factors

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  1. Scott Million on 07 May 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Excellent post. Google is the gold standard of Search Engines in both overall search volume and search quality. I’ll save the rationale behind Google’s dominance for another day, but undoubtedly a large portion of their rise to the top of Search Engine excellence can be attributed to their proprietary algorithm, which is the set of calculations performed against the web’s content that decides which web sites they think their viewers will find most relevant for the entered keywords. And its important that you always study new marketing strategy in order to get to the demand in order succeed better in your search engine marketing campaign.

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