Google Search Announces Instant Pages

Jun 17, 2011

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Google is “obsessed with speed” and they are continually making changes to improve how fast we as users can find thing. Earlier Google launched a feature called “Google Instant” making it available for the search engine to start showing search results as people are searching in the search box. Now the Google Instant team is announcing a new feature to even speed up the Google Instant results called “Instant Pages”

The Instant Pages feature from the Google Instant team works by pre-loading a web page that Google is confident that that is the result searchers are going to click on. By Google able to do this users can see web pages much quicker when they click on a result.

Here is a video that Google put together showcasing the Instant Pages feature at work:

Now you may be saying to yourself that it is only a couple of seconds difference in some case and what is the big deal. The big deal is that people are less patient than even 2 years ago when it comes to things loading and finding what they want. Users are the ones spurring the technology world because having something load slow can be the loss of a customer or client.

In Google’s situation increasing the speed in which a user can find something means more searchers, more market share, more people using Google products and that is a big deal.

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