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Apr 16, 2011

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I recently ran into some great graphs from that show some great visual representation of why organic SEO is more potentially profitable than paid PPC ads on Google.

Check them out:

organic traffic vs paid google organic search results

*Images courtesy of

At the end of the day, the way Google has their results pages setup is geared more towards users trusting organic results more. Some people don’t even look at the paid results (depending on what they are searching for) but some do. Some internet users do no understand the difference between the natural and paid results and simply click on the listing that looks best to them. Because of the great disparity in regards to internet education between users, its awfully hard to gauge whether your users would respond well to paid vs. organic. The safe way to go will likely always be organic.

As the internet and Google become even more well known, the importance of SEO will climb higher and higher as users will understand that the organic results are more pure and typically more reliable.

Make sure you understand the graphs above before implementing an SEO or PPC campaign. Food for thought if nothing else.

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