Google TV Has A Website

Oct 4, 2010

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Google announced their Google TV product at Google I/O earlier this Spring and since then they have been slammed with companies who wish to make their websites compatible with Google TV including Turner Broadcasting, HBO, NBC, Napster, NBA and more. Google has partnered up with leading on demand movie companies like Amazon Video On Demand and Netflix.

Google has built a website showcasing what Google TV has to offer at To see how you can optimize your website to be compatible with Google TV go to Google TV On The Web.

Google TV is changing the way we use TV, now with Google TV your TV is fully fledged entertainment device. Google TV has been building apps and here is a video that covers some of them:

The apps with Google TV are in the Android Market which makes having a smartphone that is on the Android Market able to easily integrate with Google TV by using your smartphone as a remote and being able to “Fling” what you are seeing, listening to or doing on your phone to your Google TV.

Other features of Google TV include the ability to listen to any music you want to with Pandora or Napster as well as watching YouTube which has been specially formatted for Google TV. Use your TV as a place to stream photos from sites like Picasa, Flickr and other photo websites. Probably the biggest feature of them all is the continual updates.

Google TV will automatically update itself so you can get updates for Free, this is a new concept for consumer electronic products. Google TV will also allow you to record anything you want like DVR as well as let you create your own TV playlist so you can watch what you want when you want.

In my opinion Google TV is a product that will change the way we look at televisions and other entertainment devices.

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