Google's Electronic Vehicle Fleet

Jun 10, 2011

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Google has made mentions many many times that they want to be a company that continues to improve the world in which we live in by using better technology. When it comes to emissions over 1/2 is from passenger vehicles.

Google has been using their “Gfleet” since 2007 at the Googleplex for their employees to use. Here is a video that showcases more of Google’s vehicle fleet that is powered by electricity.

The RechargeIT program that has been working on over the last 4 years has helped decrease emissions by using electric vehicles and implementing a biodiesel shuttle system for mass transit. To date Google has the largest electric vehicle fleet with over 250 more electric vehicles on the way.

Google is a big company and is at the forefront when trying to become more environmentally friendly as well as spur growth in the industry.

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