Google's Huge Algorithm Improvement

Feb 26, 2011

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Google is best known in the world as the #1 search engine to find high relevant information at a quick pace. Google continues to make small changes to the algorithm frequently but there are times when they launch an update to their algorithm that is a big change. This last week Google launched an update to their sophisticated algorithm that will affect almost 12% of all queries.

This has been in the works for the last year and even more heavily pushed in the last few months. The update is designed to push websites that have lower quality and provide less value to the web community down. On the flip side it will increase the rankings of websites that provide quality to the web such as:

  • valuable content
  • original content
  • information on research
  • valuable reports
  • in-depth research and analysis
  • tutorial information
  • and so on

The overall goal of the update is to give the websites that provide thoughtful, meaningful, helpful, original and in-depth content higher recognition thus resulting in a lot of them increasing in rankings. The websites that have that copy cat type of content or I guess you could say the same ol same ol content not as much recognition and love.

Google wants to give people what they want and that is “The Goods” when it comes to finding websites that can help them in what they are looking for. Websites that are of low grade just do not do that. Recently Google did release a Chrome extension called Personal Blocklist which allowed users to block certain websites from appearing in their personal search results.

This Google Chrome extension was recently launched last week shortly before this latest algorithm update and those at Google has stated that they did compare some of that data from the Personal Blocklist extension. This latest big update to Google’s algorithm does coincide very well when compared to what websites users are blocking from their search results.

If you take the top dozen websites from the Personal Blocklist extension that users blocked with the data from the update then the update takes care of 84% of them. This is a good statistic to follow because this means that Google’s algorithm is becoming more sophisticated in knowing what users like and do not like. I am sure that Google will continue to look at the data from the Personal Blocklist extension to get more insight into what websites users as a whole like to blocklist from the search results.

So what does this all mean for companies who wish to continue to rank well in Google’s highly sophisticated search results. It means that you have to bring your “A Game” when it comes to providing a high quality website. If you want to out wit your competition online then you need be insightful in giving users what they want. Your website cannot be just some one and done type of website that has 5-10 pages like a lot of typical small businesses have.

Not only must the website have good quality content but it must have a great design to grab people’s attention as well as make the website easy to use. On the back-end of the website the coding must also be of high quality in valid code which is also search engine friendly. It is common for template style websites to not have the best design or coding and it is recommended for small businesses to have their websites built by professional agencies.

Innovation Simple is a professional web design agency that can take a company and give them a custom website with a custom design that is designed by a highly trained web designer. Then it is very important to have excellent programmers know how to code with strict standards. If you are a small business in need of some website help then please fill out our Free Web Design Quote form.

Another win for building quality websites!

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