Guerilla Marketing

Sep 15, 2014

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Some Noteworthy Campaigns

Guerilla Marketing is a more diverse and specialized form of advertising, a surprise in the dark that often delights the media and customer world. With customers being inundated constantly with advertising, brands with something different are often the ones to be noticed. It also allows the company or brand to become more experiential, and therefore more relatable. Lastly, with the rise of social media, you can, on a short budget have your message spread quickly and organically. Here are just a few examples:

Panda Invasion
In order to bring attention to the decreasing number of Panda Bears, The World Wildlife Fund made and placed 1,600 hand-painted panda figurines on the grounds of Paris Hotel de Ville. From the Hotel, they then were placed in various landmarks in Paris and throughout France. The 1,600 pandas represented the remaining number of pandas left in the world. A visual and stark reminder, WWF sent a stronger message and drew attention far more than many other more costly and involved advertising campaigns.

WestJet Christmas Miracle
WestJet asked 250 passengers headed to Calgary, Canada what they wanted for Christmas before boarding their flight. As the passengers were in the air, the airport employees raced to surrounding stores and purchased what they had asked for. As the guests arrived at the Calgary airport, they were greeted by festive Christmas decorations and surprised by their Christmas requests beautifully wrapped for them to open. The video went viral and positioned WestJet as a giving company that people want to fly with on a relatively small budget.

Reconsider Weight
In order to help redefine what weight means in regards to beauty, Dove and Ogilvy & Mather teamed up to place scales in bathrooms and swimming pool dressing rooms across Germany. When a person stepped on the scale however, the scale showed the words, “Real beauty can’t be measured in kilos” instead of showing the actual weight. Because of the effectiveness of this guerilla act and other Real Beauty advertising, Dove has repositioned themselves as a caring and socially aware company.

Considering the effectiveness of these campaigns, it is no wonder that companies are turning to guerilla techniques. It will be exciting to see what more companies come up with in the future to position their brands more creatively.

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