History Of Search Engines Infographic

Jun 21, 2011

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I’ve been on the Internet since 1995, and the search field has changed a LOT since then. So I was fascinated to come across the chart below, showing the history of search engines.

As you can see, a lot has changed, and a lot is still changing. Search companies are constantly innovating (and by “search companies” I mean “Google”) and constantly growing (or shrinking, or being bought out, or going out of business).

Right now, the 800 pound gorilla is Google, making up almost 84% of the entire search engine market. Being #1 on Google can make a company, and losing that can break a company.

If your website relies on traffic from search engines, you had better keep Google happy. Fortunately Google makes that pretty easy: Play by the rules and do what’s best for the customer.

Playing by the rules simply means having a website that is fast, conforms to agreed upon standards for code and format, doesn’t have out of date software, and doesn’t have malware.

Doing what is best for the customer simply means giving value to your visitors, not just copying and pasting a bunch of useless content from other places on the Internet.

Search engine optimization (including on-site changes to keep Google happy) is a big part of a successful online company. Contact us for a free review of your site and a free quote on our SEO services.


Infographic: The Darwinian Evolution of Search Engines by WebHostingBuzz

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