How Does Fast Hosting Help SEO

Jul 12, 2011

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Remember, your best business ideas will fail if no one knows your business exists. Getting your website high up the search engines has always been important but never before has it been so imperative to rank highly. A key secret is speed. Having a slow loading website can be detrimental factor that could hurt your search engine optimization efforts.

This means you’ll need to use a web host that is known for having reliable and competent servers, and you’ll need to purchase a plan that gives you all of the server r-esources needed to keep your site running smoothly even when you’ve uploaded a plethora of content. If the page takes too long to load then many visitors will become annoyed and leave the page.

Most people don’t realize that an unreliable hosting network can have a negative impact on a web site’s search engine ranking and site indexing. When your web site is down (as it often may be with unreliable web hosting) search engine robots will be unable to index your new pages. This may have a very negative impact on the amount of pages that are indexed for your site, and how often updated pages are indexed in the search engine.

Google says speed is one of the most important components to the finely honed machine that is an online business. Customers stay loyal to websites that give them consistent fast loading and reliable pages. The interesting aspect about Google is that it uses an algorithm to detect how long someone on stays at your page before they return to the search engine results.

This information is then applied to your site SEO score and it directly affects the way your site is ranked. If your visitors are leaving your site within a few seconds due to slow loading home page, then you can be assured that your site is going to experience negative feedback from both users and SEO. If you want your website to get to the top of the search engines and stay there, then you will need to make sure you have a reliable hosting plan with plenty of server resources.

To conclude, a powerful hosting plan will also be able to handle more software installations and tasks, which can be especially useful if you are using automated software for link building or to perform other mundane tasks involved with SEO. Such a plan should include SEO Servers. Inducting them is a revolutionary step in the development of hosting technology designed specifically to deliver cost-effective, fast performance that will advance your search engine rankings and encourage repeat customers.

Innovation Simple specializes in cloud based hosting which means that we can scale in a matter of seconds. Our servers are optimized for speed and security making the websites that host in this environment have a better chance with their SEO campaigns. If you are a business that needs better hosting then please contact Innovation Simple today at 888-559-3274.

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