How Often Should Companies Post on Social Media?

Nov 3, 2014

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Some Keys to Remember

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You want your company to be heard, but not overheard. This is something that every marketing manager thinks over late at night. Just how does a company achieve the right balance? Although it is a continually changing science, here are a few things to consider when posting to social media for your brand.


Is your audience local or worldwide? How interactive is your audience? What business are you in and what type of engagement are you looking for? All of these questions will determine when, what, and how often you post to social media.


Generally speaking, one post a day to Facebook is sufficient to keep your users involved but not annoyed. Even the top brands usually only post once a day. Due to Facebook’s newest algorithm, it is hard for company’s posts to be seen. However, boosted posts or Facebook ads have more of a chance of being seen by your audience. Tweets from Twitter have a shorter lifespan online, so tweeting more frequently throughout the day is appropriate. Depending on your business,the number of tweets can range from 5-30. Linkedin and Google+ postings vary on the type of your business as well. Google+ is similar to Facebook, so think about posting about once a day. Linkedin is more B2B oriented, and posts should be appropriate to how focused your brand is on that area.


Remember, there is no such thing as a universally perfect time or number of posts each day. However, there are improvements your company can make simply by hypothesizing, experimenting, and measuring. Come up with a strategy, experiment with ways to achieve that strategy, and then evaluate your results afterward. There’s not a perfect time or number, but there are more effective marketing characteristics for your specific company.

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