How Social Media Has Helped Religious Athletes in the Sports World

Sep 13, 2013

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Tim Tebow. Jeremy Lin.

These two names stand out in the media, their religion, along with all of their accomplishments carried by social media and their religious beliefs.

Social media has played a big role for professional athletes as they voice their opinion and become a voice for particular media conversations and controversies. Those who have displayed their religious characteristics on and off the field have also been scrutinized. Social media has also been an avenue that athletes have used to become a role model for younger athletes to live a clean, moral life in today’s evolving world.

For example, Tim Tebow, a devoted Christian, who wore Psalms 23:1 and John 3:16 on his trademark eye black on the football field. His religion was under scrutiny when Saturday Night Live did a parody about his Tebowing. His famous “Tebowing” move before each game is the expression of giving prayer to God before each game.

Jeremy Lin, a faith filled Christian, also showed his Christian beliefs when he became popular through the “Lin-sanity” phase during the breakout NBA season two years ago. Lin expressed his gratitude to God for his opportunity to make it to the NBA level. Lin’s handshake with former teammate, Landry Field, is another way that these two Christian athletes showed their devoted faith.

Tim Tebow’s media coverage increased during his college career when he won the Heisman. Through Twitter and the hashtag, #Tebowing, he quickly became a social media sensation.

There’s even a unique YouTube video channel dedicated to professional Christian athletes, coaches and celebrities telling their story of their struggles they’ve faced in life and how they overcame it because of their faith in God.

How have you seen social media used to express religious stories in today’s world?

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