Local SEO – How To Get More Local Citations

Aug 16, 2010

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When performing Local SEO (search engine optimization) or as some say the art of getting ranked higher in Google Maps there are several things that you have to do and one of them is to get citations. Citations are resources or when some other site lists your company or mentions your company.

google places citations for a local business

Here are some ways to build citations to improve Local SEO:

Local Directories

Local directories are a great place to start because a lot of cities will have directories that people have built for that particular location. A good way to find some of the local directories is to go to Google and search your keyword city directories and that will pull a list of results of specific directories around your city.

Local Blogs

Everyone has a blog these days and companies that are serious abut their online rankings and exposure blog frequently as well. Finding local bloggers in your city can be a great network to tap into and get citations and links from. Bloggers like to write about cool things, news, tips, tricks and anything else they can think of.

Try to find bloggers in your city who blog about your type of industry or the more influential social butterfly bloggers as well.

Local Search Engines

Local search engines often work together by crawling each others databases to make sure theirs is up to date. For example Localeze and Infousa crawl each other. This is why sometimes you will find a business listing that looks the same on one site as is on another local search engine site. You want to make sure your company is listed in them.

Superpages, Yelp, Insiderpages, Yellowpages, Judy’s Book and Open List are just a few of the local search engines that you will want to list your company’s profile.

Look At Competitors Citations

A good place to find where to get some citations is by looking at competitors citations that are in their local profiles. When you see where they are getting citations from you can see that they may be good places for your company to get citations from.

scouting competitors local citations in their profile

Industry Focused Directories and Blogs

A normal art of doing link building for an SEO campaign is to find directories that are specific to your industry. When doing Local SEO you will still want to find directories and blogs that are specific to your industry and list your company and try to get links from. Remember your main mission is to find places online that mention your company.

Getting links from other related sites can help build your online presence and are places that the search engines crawl. They can find these mentions and links about your company which will help them want to give more reputation to your company.


When you are trying to find places to get citations from you want to think local, local, and local. Local directories, local blogs, local search engines and local everything. Finding places where you can list your business profile is always a potential.

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