How To Simplify Your Life

Jun 24, 2014

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TUTORIAL TUESDAY: Are you too busy and losing enjoyment for life

Take a Technology Fast for 24 hours

A good way to simplify your life is to have a technology fast over a day that you have off work. Take your phone, laptops, televisions, and all other devices and turn them off for a full 24 hours. For that time you won’t read any work emails, or see what your friend ate for breakfast, but you will have the chance to slow things down and remove some of the quick pace that is normal now. It might feel weird for the duration, but it should help to give you a reminder on how technology can dominate our lives at times.

What are your 3-5 priorities?

Often people don’t enjoy their lives because they get caught doing things that aren’t their desired priorities, and that don’t make them happy. My solution is simple, ask yourself what your few priorities are, and then remove the rest from your calendar and thought process as much as possible.

Say NO

This one is key. Another trap that can catch us in our goal to simplification is saying yes to anything and everything we are asked to do. By saying no you end up doing what is best for you, rather than what suits others.

Get Rid of Unneeded/Unused Stuff

With consumerism and the rise of it in society there are times where we just have too much stuff. There are multiple ways to declutter that stuff (garage sales, donations, etc…) however, what matters is getting rid of what you don’t need. Trust me, doing so is fantastic. Whether it’s the coat you wear once a year, or the old computer that is getting dusty, once they’re gone you won’t miss them.

Hopefully these few tips are able to help you to simplify your life a little bit and focus on what is important to you. As our name implies we are all about simplicity and we hope that we can help you to simplify your lives! If you need any more tips or want to view more ideas on how to simplify check out this article from Zen Habits.

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