How to Use SEO on YouTube

Apr 8, 2016

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There are many reasons why you should think twice before throwing up that video on your company’s YouTube channel. It’s not that you shouldn’t do that, but that there is more to YouTube than just making a video and putting it online. Your video’s description is super important because it’s what both Google and YouTube use to find your video in the vast ocean of videos that exist online–especially on YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet

Innovation Simple has compiled this short list of things you should do before uploading your video onto your channel to help maximize the traffic your channel will get.

  1. Write a Long Description

YouTube descriptions help both Google and YouTube searches to find your videos among the millions of others on the web.

This may seem a little counter intuitive, especially nowadays when people’s attention spans are so short, but it is very important to have a long description. This is because unlike your target audience, Google and YouTube can’t determine whether your content is good by listening to it. Google and YouTube rely heavily on these descriptions to determine if your video is important or not. Many different SEO specialist say that it is important to have at least a 200 word description if not more for your video.

  1. Use Key Words

Keywords for YouTube are much like your typical keywords for blogs or articles online. Be sure to do your normal keyword research before your decide what your video’s title, file name and description should be based around. Determining these keywords will help determine if your video becomes a viral success or a monumental flop. Do your homework now, and it will pay off in the end.

  1. Do a Google Search

One last important thing to do before you publish your video on you channel is to do a Google search of your video’s subject matter to see if there are any videos that pop up on the first page. Google reserves a lot of space on the first page for videos if they are deemed as conducive or primary in conveying that subject matter. Not all topics will save space for this, so it is important for you to do a little digging before you decide on what keyword to use. There are sites that give lists of keywords that are commonly associated with videos, so poke around before you decide your video’s title.

As you can tell, becoming a YouTube success has more to it than just posting a video on your channel. And remember, unless your content is good or great, SEO will not help you to place high in either YouTube or Google searches. So go out, make some awesome content, and then use these steps to help boost your video’s SEO.

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