How Videos Can Help With Your Business' Online Ranking

Jun 20, 2013

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By: Ian Ray

Videos are a great asset for online traffic and YouTube itself has provided great help for companies just starting out. Google places value on a video based on how long visitors watch it and the amount of time the visitor is on the site. A study done by aimClear in March 2011, showed that more people clicked on video results and another study done that a product page with a video on it is 53 times more likely to achieve a page one listing on Google. There are five ways videos can help your company’s online ranking.

1) Videos making your page more sticky

Google has consistently shown that the current algorithm uses time spent on a page from a click as an indicator of page quality. The shorter the click indicates a lower quality page while a longer click shows a better page to show someone searching.

2) Videos can help your product rank

YouTube dominates the results page with 80% of results on Google’s video results. The remaining 20% mostly comes from sites such as Metacafe, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Another interesting way videos can help your page rank is by posting an informational video. YouTube takes up over 80% of the videos that Google puts in the search results.

3) Videos that have links

When you maximize your video exposure on the Internet, uploading them to multiple video search engines are key. Adding links to your credits in either your profile or description field will help your page ranking. There are couple ways to promote your web page or your YouTube page. – Get people to link to your website rather than to your YouTube page adds value to the page on your website – Embed multiple videos onto one web page to create a series of related videos – Re-purpose your video to produce related content from transcriptions, presentations, PDF downloads, screenshot images and podcasts – Create pages on your site that are richer resources than the YouTube page to help people remember your site – Optimize your web page to outrank YouTube You can also use social media links for promotional purposes with your personal accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, Delicious or StumbleUpon can create more links to form a richer and resourceful video page.

4) Video as content creation

Text transcription is how the video is transcribed into text content and pasted as text on your web page underneath your video. Screenshots as images support the transcription process. It can be uploaded to a photo sharing website like Flickr to get more exposure and links. It also serves as a great back up for those who can’t play the video. Videos can also be converted into a PowerPoint presentation and be uploaded to a slide show sharing website like that can help get links as well. Other options are also turning the video into a PDF download or converting the audio section into a working podcast file.

5)Creating Traffic

To grab the attention of YouTube users, movie directors have recently been using trailers of their upcoming movies to gain exposure and get people to the movie theaters to watch their movies. The purpose of uploading a teaser or a selection of your video content to YouTube is to advertise your self-hosted content. The bottom line of this experience is that it’s never easy to get visitors to your site from your videos on YouTube.

What are some ways that you have seen your business use video to help with your companies SEO?

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