How Viral Marketing will End Extreme Poverty

May 26, 2014

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Nuru International

If there’s one thing that social media has taught us in the past ten years, it’s that the best type of marketing is viral marketing–when something is so “catchy” that people want to share it with their friends, so you don’t have to. This has completely changed the way companies create marketing campaigns, putting a greater emphasis on entertainment and originality and less on simply convincing people to buy a product.

So we’ve seen the way virality can spread an idea, but what if that idea was the solution to extreme poverty? Nuru International, an organization that got its start at Stanford and has connections to Provo’s own Brigham Young University, has invented a model that proposes the application of the viral technique to the effort to end extreme poverty around the world. Check out this video from their website:

They’re doing everything that a successful marketing campaign should do to go viral:

    1. Identifying the few in the crowd that will spread the idea for them and focusing their efforts on them.

    2. Packaging the message in a sustainable and scalable way and putting it in the hands of those few.

Whether you want to use a viral marketing model for your company or to support a cause, our marketing strategy team can help. Check out our website for more info!

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