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Search engines cannot read images so having a ton of cool graphic pictures means nothing to them. This is where you have to have alt tags to give the search engine some information in regards to what that picture is.

Alt tags is short for Alternative Text. When writing descriptions for images you want to have the thinking of a blind person. They can’t see the picture so your description of the image must easily help them understand what the picture is about.

Having your keywords in anchor text is essential in improving your ranking with S.E’s. Although you cannot go without images on websites especially in these days, the goal is to make the images for illustration and decoration, not for navigation.

Do not provide long descriptions filled with keywords for one little pixel image as this may flag keyword stuffing.

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  1. Marbl Host on 11 Feb 2009 at 6:55 am

    Interesting .Never thought about it like that.Thanks!!

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