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When building a website and going through the laying out phase it is important to identify the POA (point of action) which means what you are wanting the customer to do. For example download demo, make a purchase, submit information and anything else that requires some form of action.

This is where it is a constant struggle to improve website conversions. There will always be more people that visit a website than those who take some form of action on a website. There will be more people who will add items to a shopping cart than those who make the checkout purchase.

To improve the conversions of a website means that the point of action must be improved. This may be a multiple of things like easier navigation, explanations during checkout process, simpler checkout process, or anything else that would make it easier for a customer to take action.

The biggest reason people do not buy things or stop taking action is confusion and fear. All shopping cart abandonment issues generally stem from these two issues. This is where the POA must be crystal clear.

There may be several Point of Action items listed on your website and they may differ in level of importance. Having the customer make a purchase on most sites is going to be the primary POA while signing up for a newsletter will be a secondary POA.

Clearly identifying what is your primary POA will determine where your energies go in helping a visitor choose the action you want them to take. The more a visitor takes action on your primary POA the higher the conversions you will receive.

The main POA for the Innovation Simple website is for individuals to get a quote and pricing on products and services. This is why we have made it simple for those who visit the website to take that point of action.

People must be told what you want them to do and what actions they should take. They do not come right out and say that they want to be told what to do, but when they visit your website they immediately look for what to do. The better that is laid out and the simpler it is for them to fulfill that action the higher your conversions will be.

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  1. Florida web design on 11 Mar 2009 at 6:10 am

    yes , You have raised a valid point .Most of the time people concentrate only on getting traffic but they should understand that a good design is must to convert traffic in to sales

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