Instagram #Hashtags for Everyday of the Week

Nov 6, 2013

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For those who are Instagram users, I wanted to take a moment to go over the hashtags that have been popular and trending in the social media field for everyday of the week.


For those who dislike Mondays, #MondayBlues has over 80,000 posts on Instagram from those individuals who post things that show “this day sucks” – from spilled coffee on the dress shirt to missing the train to work. The first day of the week can be positive or negative, depending on the person’s personality and outlook on life. Make it a good first photo for the week.


Ever wanted to show your friends how you changed from before to now? #TransformationTuesday can help you show friends the amount of hard work you put in at the gym or changing your appearance since high school.


The middle of the week can be draining. Therefore, #HumpDay shows the thing that you are looking forward to on the upcoming weekend or things you’ve accomplished to get this far into the week. Posting something random won’t hurt at all.


We either love or try to avoid sharing our childhood memories but #ThrowbackThursday makes it entertaining for your circle of friends to see those ponytails and onesie that you used to wear as a kid. Finding a retro picture of you can be difficult to find but don’t limit yourself to when you were a child; it could even be that half-court shot you made during halftime at a NBA game.


Out on the town for #FridayNight with your weekend crew? Posting a snippet from a highlight of the weekend helps you remember these special moments in the long run.


Cats have a place in today’s world and having #Caturday is an appropriate way to saying “we love cats” or “my cat is rad” on Instagram. Give a shout out to your little fur ball for all those times it had made you feel happy. Who doesn’t love cats anyways?


The famous and over popular #SelfieSunday is used by many younger girls taking pictures of themselves from duck faces to their Sunday dress. This hashtag will never go away as long as there is a reason for girls to post a picture of their pretty self.

Fun Fact: The French government has banned French Twitter users saying the word “hashtag” in an effort to protect the French language from anglicisms.

What are other hashtags that you use for your Instagram post throughout the week?

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