Introduction to New Innovation Simple Blog Format

Jun 2, 2014

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The Innovation Simple Blog allows members of the “Marketing Managed” team to communicate with clients and readers about relevant marketing concepts and news.

In the past, the content of this blog has varied widely. This summer, however, our team is narrowing the focus. In order to provide our readers with specific, niche information, we are choosing to target six different blog post categories. The majority of the posts in each section will focus on topics related to marketing; however, some posts will be more generic or focus on more fun content.

1) Tutorials and How-To Posts: This content is mainly meant to help businesses with their online marketing strategy. Posts will focus on how to promote your brand through social media, as well as how to use online tools to find jobs and to increase productivity.

2) Seasonal Posts: Part of our blog will be devoted to specifically discussing the role marketing plays in the summer months. We will explore topics such as how to adapt marketing methods to fit this warmer weather and how companies can still use slower business months to be productive.

3) Current Events: At Innovation Simple, we want to help our readers stay informed about the world around them. Each week, our blog will discuss current international, national, or local news and trends. We are particularly interested in the role marketing plays in the spreading of information.

4) Web Design Tips: With so many websites and blogs currently online, it is important to make sure your personal and professional content stands out. These blog posts will deal with issues including white space, the use of color, fonts, and basic rules of graphic design.

5) Company Spotlights: Each week, we will produce content that can help familiarize our readers with who we are and what we do. We will spotlight Innovation Simple employees, show how we can help your brand manage marketing, and showcase content from our portfolio.

6) General Marketing Posts: In this section, we will continue to focus on overarching marketing strategies, components, and topics.

We hope these topics will be interesting and of value to you, our readers. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have regarding the content of this blog. Happy reading!

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